10 Considerations When Considering Cladding

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April 22, 2019
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10 Considerations When Considering Cladding

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Cladding provides a fantastic addition to any property and can enhance and compliment various aspects of your home depending on what style of cladding you choose. Reflect on the following 10 considerations when choosing your cladding:

1. Internal and external environment:

What sort of environment do you live in? Different cladding systems will compliment different locations. Choose the best one for you.

2. Durability

What sort of elements does your cladding system need to stand up to? Again, choose a system that ensures maximum longevity for the environment it must withstand.

3. Maintenance

Cladding the exterior of your home will ensure you are looking at a low maintenance future. Some materials used in cladding systems, however, do require more maintenance attention than others. Some cladding materials will suffice with only a regular rain wash, others may require a more involved cleaning process. Choose a system that fits your lifestyle.

4. Availability.

Cladding is becoming more and more popular and most materials are readily available for use. Some more bespoke materials, however, may take longer to acquire. Check with your carpenter about the availability of your selected material.

5. Appearance

Installing a cladding system to your home will instantly improve its aesthetic appeal. Decide on what look you want for your property and find the best cladding system to achieve it.

6. Budget

Whilst cladding is certainly an economic way to boost your property, there are choices you can make with your material and installation that can help those looking to stick to a budget. Remember, though, that the long term financial benefits of cladding that can come from saving power with your insulation may be worth the initial output.

7. Structural requirements

Does your existing building have any structural requirements? Your carpenter will help you to understand the process of applying cladding to your property and any pre-existing specifications you might need to consider.

8. Building Regulation requirements

In some more metropolitan areas, you may need to have a look at local building regulations. Cladding will change the facade of your property and various areas have rules and restrictions regarding this. Check in with your local council or with your carpenter to see if you are affected.

9. Sustainability

Eco-friendly material options are readily available to use in your exterior cladding. Consider going green!

10. Safety Factors.

What sort of safety rating does your chosen cladding system provide? This can include weather proofing, fire proofing and sound insulation.