Alpolic Cladding in Melbourne


Alpolic is an aluminium composite material (ACM) that’s used extensively in both exteriors and interiors of new buildings and retrofit applications, thanks to its versatile nature, attractive appearance and impressive safety standards. Whether you want something for yourself, or your clients during a new build, we’re happy to act as your Alpolic installers of choice.

Alpolic cladding is superior to other materials such as pure aluminium cladding , because its composite nature means it is lighter and easier to fabricate/install than regular panels. Alpolic ACM is comprised of two thin sheets of aluminium, with a fire-retardant core sandwiched between.

Why Use Alpolic Cladding?

There are many reasons why you should use Alpolic, and even more reasons why DC Carpentry should take care of your Alpolic installation and/or supply! Here are just a few of them:

  • Huge selection of finishes and standard/custom colours to choose from
  • Great durability, stability and vibration dampening
  • Fire-retardant properties for extra safety
  • Easy to fabricate into complex forms (by cutting, bending, rolling etc)

DC Carpentry is happy to provide you with a solution that’s specifically tailored to your needs and budget. Whether you want a standard design or something more abstract, we’re the perfect company any time you need Alpolic in Melbourne.

What Can You Use Alpolic Cladding For?

Alpolic cladding is a very versatile material that has many applications in a range of sectors, and can be used both outside (on facades) or for a safe and attractive interior.


From small finishing touches to your home, to extensive commercial, architectural or construction projects, Alpolic is a material that can be adapted to any job, large or small. Whether you’re going for an eye-catching modern design, or more of a simple, traditional look, it can be made to suit various purposes.


It’s not just the outside of your or your client’s building that can benefit from Alpolic - with various colours available, and different finishes too, you can easily create your chosen effect on the inside. From metallic finishes, to stone and even timber, this cladding material makes it quick and easy to instantly upgrade your decor.

As experienced and well-respected Alpolic installers and suppliers, DC Carpentry should be your first choice any time you’re looking for a safe, great-looking material that can be quickly and easily shaped and installed.

Keeping You Safe

Alpolic cladding is an attractive option for a range of applications, and one of the main reasons for this is its fire-resistant construction. Alpolic has a highly fire-retardant core, and has been given a super fire-safe grade compared to other aluminium composite materials (ACM’s). This means it won’t just look great when used as an exterior or interior, it will also protect you in case disaster strikes, and give you peace of mind knowing your building will be perfectly safe.

Quality Alpolic Installers in Melbourne

If you’re looking for experienced and reliable Alpolic installers in Melbourne, then you can’t go wrong with DC Carpentry & Cladding. We know all there is to know about aluminium cladding, and will be able to advise, supply and install the cladding of your choice, whatever application you or your clients have in mind.

Get in touch if you’d like more information about this versatile cladding material, or to book a job today!

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