Fire Safe Cladding

Firesafe Cladding Used By DC Cladding

Want to protect your property from fire hazard?

At DC Cladding we provide you with a wide range of high-quality firesafe cladding. No matter how extreme our Australian weather gets, our cladding options will keep your property safe from fire. We offer a variety of cladding options supplied from industry-leading brands.

Ranging from marine-grade aluminium, to advanced honeycomb technology, and even to aluminium cladding that looks just like timber.

Depending on your specific project, a different cladding option will be recommended to you. Some options such as MondoClad or Alfrex will be suitable for commercial projects (e.g., skyscrapers, subways, or tunnels). While options such as Scyon or Nuwall will be better for residential properties.

If you’re not sure which firesafe cladding option is best for you, feel free to get in touch with our experts today. Click here to contact us.

Here are some of our firesafe cladding options:


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If you’re looking for someone who can help recommend, supply and install your fire safe cladding in Melbourne, then look no further than DC Cladding. Our friendly, experienced team will be happy to direct you towards the best option, or work with your existing ideas if you already know what you want. Interested in fire safe cladding installation in Melbourne? Contact DC Cladding today for a custom solution that will surpass your expectations!
DC Cladding Melbourne have cladding systems to fit every style and budget, breathing new life into your building projects, with their superior cladding services in Melbourne.

Whether you’re a business owner or a developer working with a new building, or working with the refurbishment of a tired, old building, cladding is a smart, cost effective way to get your property looking just right

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