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Ten Tips For Keeping Your Deck Clean


Ten tips for keeping your deck clean

Don’t want to be spending most weekends out with the power washer cleaning your deck?

Follow these sensible tips to help preserve your deck in top condition.


1. Remove debris – simply brushing away leaves, dirt and other detritus will help to keep your deck looking good for longer.

2. Clear up spills promptly – drinks, foodstuffs or similar may leave a permanent mark – if a spill occurs, a prompt clean-up is required!

3. Apply a protective coating – It’s possible to paint your deck with a protective layer, preventing dirt, stains and similar from soaking into the wood

4. Think about footwear – Some shoes have soles which can leave unwanted marks on your decking

5. Minimise plant life – Plants look amazing, but leaves and seeds can begin to stain your decking if they’re not removed promptly. Consider planting around the decking rather than on it in order to reduce the risk, or opt for plants which create minimal detritus.

6. Keep things off the surface – planters, storage containers and similar can trap moisture and dirt between the bottom of the item and the decking, creating an unpleasant discolouration. Place items on stands to reduce this hazard.

7. Repair promptly – Anywhere with a broken seal runs the risk of staining, so repair quickly should you notice an issue

8. Be careful what you coat your deck with – Only use approved products, as paint or similar can begin to peel off, leaving your deck looking stained and unappealing.

9. Act quickly – If a bout of extreme weather results in detritus being blown onto your deck, sweep it up as soon as conditions permit.

10. Take steps to prevent mildew and mould – Water doesn’t just cause rot, it also allows unwanted spores, bacteria and wildlife to thrive. A good sealant is vital!


Following these tips should be all that’s necessary to keep your deck in peak condition for longer.

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