What is Cladding?

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What is Cladding?

cladding professional installing panels on a home property

The term cladding might seem like unintelligible carpenter’s jargon to the common home-builder or property investor, but understanding the intricacies of cladding and its many uses can be essential to those seeking to maximise the potential of their properties. In its most basic sense, the term cladding refers to a secondary skin or extra layer that is applied to the exterior of a building. This extra layer can be attached to a property’s existing framework or added as a fascia to a spacing layer of battens.

Benefits of Cladding

Cladding has several uses both practical and cosmetic. When applied to the outside of your property, cladding can create a barrier used to stop wind and rain from entering the building. Cladding can also provide sound insulation in metropolitan areas as well as thermal insulation to protect against the elements. If considering the safety of your property and those within it, cladding can provide relief with many cladding materials being rated as fire resistant.

Is Cladding Pretty?

From an aesthetic point of view, cladding can be used in a plethora of ways to enrich your building’s exterior. Whether you are looking to enhance an industrial, residential or commercial property, the beauty of cladding lies in its versatility. Being made from a range of materials like wood, brick, metal or composite materials such as alpolic aluminium can bring the best of both worlds.

Cladding can be a simple way to set your property apart from the crowd. Contact a carpentry expert to find out how exterior cladding can improve your home.