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September 10, 2018
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Why Your House Needs A Deck & How It Improves Property Value!


Why your house needs a deck and how it improves property value

Are you considering a decking installation for your home? If so, you could be in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to home valuation time!

Some researchers have found that adding an area of decking to your outside space can add a sum up to 80% of the deck’s value to your home. In addition, you gain all the benefits which decking can bring for the duration of your occupancy. A growing number of Australians are choosing to add decking to their yard or garden. Read on to discover some of the benefits it can bring.


A great choice for enjoying the outdoors

Whether you want to fire up the barbecue, enjoy a relaxed meal or simply unwind outside with a glass of something cold and a good book, decking gives you a firm, level surface that’s close to your home. Because decking can be fitted with a roof (there are lots of different options available), it’s possible to enjoy protection from sun or rain, giving you the chance to enjoy your yard for longer each day and on more days during the year.


Adds aesthetic appeal

Depending on what was occupying the decking site previously, a fresh installation can make the area look far more attractive. Decking is available in a selection of different woods and can also be painted or varnished to give you the appearance you want. Available in both contemporary and traditional shades, the right type of decking can absolutely transform your property.

For many people, an area of decking acts as an additional room in their home, providing an appealing space in which to eat, work, entertain or relax. If you like the idea of enjoying some high-quality outdoor space, at the same time as investing in a project that could be an asset when it comes to selling your home, decking could be the perfect solution.

Curious about the impact a new deck could have on your home? Our friendly team would be happy to chat to you about your options and help you find the decking choice that works for you, and the value of your home too! Reach out and speak to us today!