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August 10, 2018
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10 Things to Consider When Choosing Cladding

10 Things to Consider When Choosing Cladding

So you’re thinking of getting cladding for your property. Excellent choice! With all the benefits that wall cladding provides, choosing it for your home can be a great idea. But what type of external wall cladding do you choose? Which type works best for your home? Which will last the longest and look the best? We’re here to clear the air with the top 10 things to consider when choosing cladding for your property.


1. Boost Your ROI

With the rising costs in real estate it’s important to stay in the game by keeping your property value at an optimum level and external cladding is a great way to do just that. Exterior cladding is a popular method of reviving old and tired looking homes in order to boost their return on investment. Alternatively, if you are developing a new property, external cladding creates a sleek modern look which will not only increase your property’s market value but also ensure a timeless aesthetic to your building facade.


2. Choose Wisely, It’s Not All About Style

A recent tragedy involving a building fire in London has raised awareness of improper cladding installation. In light of this, it is important to remember that while external cladding can do wonders to protect your home, it can also pose quite a threat if it’s not chosen wisely. Different types of wall cladding complement different structures and without the correct combination you cannot guarantee that your external cladding will work best for your home. We recommend speaking to a cladding professional to help you make the right choice.


3. Although It’s Still Kind Of About Style

That being said, we still like pretty things, and cladding, can be a really pretty thing. One of the main reasons people choose to get exterior cladding for their property is for its aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s your home or business, a sleek modern finish to your facade can make a world of a difference to its appearance. Check out our Gallery to see the potential that cladding provides for your home!


4. Price Sure, But Value More!

Do your homework! Getting the cheapest cladding option isn’t always the best choice. People often rush to tug at the cheapest price tag, but when choosing cladding products, a small price tag doesn’t necessarily guarantee cost efficiency. Expensive wall cladding products can still offer better value in comparison to the cheaper alternatives, so be sure to shop around and weigh up your options before committing.


5. Insulation & R-Value

An important factor to consider is the insulation or R-Value of the external wall cladding you’re purchasing. R-value refers to the measure of a material’s resistance to heat flow and as a rule of thumb, it is said that, the higher the R-value of the wall cladding materials the more you are likely to save on energy consumption.


6. Bracing Values & Structural Integrity

External cladding is generally non-load bearing which means that it is not made for the purposes of supporting extensive weight. However, some sheet cladding systems can play a structural bracing role in lightweight framing applications when appropriately fixed. In order to ensure the structural integrity of your property, it’s important to keep this in mind when installing your cladding.

💡 Quick tip: check the strength of the concrete after curing.


7. Lifespan & Durability

Exterior cladding is prone to heavy exposure to the elements; wind, rain and debris can weather your property’s facade over time so it is important to be wary of the life span and durability of the cladding materials you purchase. Ask your supplier and contractor lots of questions and find out as much as you can regarding what to expect from your cladding.


8. Finding Mr. Right

Finding the right materials for your home’s cladding is only half the job. Finding the right specialist can and will ensure the safety and security of your cladding job. Here at DC Carpentry and Cladding we hold our technicians to the highest working ethic to ensure your services are completed safely and efficiently. Visit our Services page to find out more about what we can do for you.


9. Check Before the Cheque

No matter who you contract for your exterior cladding project it is important to always check the craftsmanship before they leave. Here at DC Carpentry and Cladding we pride ourselves on the highest possible standard of service, but even then we recommend our clients assess our cladding work to ensure total customer satisfaction before we’ve left the site.


10. When Treated Mean, Keep It Clean

Once you’re happy with your cladding finish remember to show it a little TLC every now and again. Even the highest quality cladding materials need to be maintained every so often in order to ensure they live out their lifespan and durability. Call and speak to a professional to get advice on the best ways to maintain the look and structural integrity of your property’s cladding.