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September 20, 2016
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Make Updating Your Cladding Your Next Home Handyman Job


Make Updating Your Cladding Your Next Home Handyman Job

If you already have cladding on your home, you’ll be aware of the benefits it can bring. From protecting the underlying structure of your property from wind, rain and temperature changes through to providing excellent insulation which noticeably cuts your fuel bills, cladding has numerous advantages. Unfortunately, no cladding lasts forever, which is why, particularly if you’ve lived with your existing cladding for a good few years, it may be time to consider updating it.

Giving your cladding a makeover could not only improve the appearance of your home, it could also even increase its value too!


New cladding systems have plenty to offer

In comparison with some of the older cladding options, new cladding requires minimal maintenance. This means it will keep looking good for longer and also be a more cost-effective choice. Modern systems such as Innowood, Alucobond and Alpolic are designed to provide a variety of attractive looks which can absolutely transform the appearance of your home. Whether you favour traditional aesthetics or prefer something with a more contemporary twist, the wide variety of cladding on the market means that there’s going to be something to give you the look you want.


Cladding that complies with health & safety legislation

If fire is a concern, we have fire retardant cladding products available which we are able to install for you. These provide the same visual and insulating benefits as other options but are specifically designed to resist ignition and fire damage, offering an enhanced level of safety to occupants. Reasonably priced cladding is an excellent investment which will often pay for itself over the years through reduced energy bills and the protection it gives the structure of your home. With so many benefits, updating cladding should always be a priority on your handyman job list!

If you’re in need of new cladding and want the job done quickly, efficiently and stylishly, trust the professional team at DC Carpentry, Melbourne’s answer to all cladding concerns for over 15 years.