3 Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Cladding Done

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May 22, 2019
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3 Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Cladding Done

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When choosing a cladding system to be installed your home there are several questions every property owner should ask.

1. What is the best cladding system for my property?

Cladding can come in many various systems. These systems include horizontal or vertical panels, sheet materials or smaller overlapping panels such as shingles and tiles. Each of these cladding systems has their own benefits and uses different methods to protect against the elements. The effectiveness of each system will vary depending on wind direction and the surrounding environment. The location of your property and exposure to wind direction should inform your choice of cladding system. Your professional carpenter can help you select the most efficient system for your home.

2. What is the best material for my cladding?

Cladding systems can be made of many different materials, each which bring their own benefits. Commonly, cladding is made from wood, metal, stone, or from composite materials. Consult an expert in carpentry when choosing materials for your cladding and they will help you understand how the variances in materials, such as durability, maintenance, availability, appearance and budget can affect both the practical and visual outcome of your cladding. By investigating the various pros and cons associated with different cladding materials you can make sure you are getting the most out of your cladding.

3. What are the existing building requirements of my property?

It is important to always consider the building and carpentry requirements of your property. Cladding is commonly non-loadbearing and can be applied as an extra layer to the exterior of an existing property. However, some sheet cladding systems can have a structural role. The fixing requirements for bracing cladding can have significant implications for visual appearance, waterproofing, condensation, ventilation and drainage. Consultation with a carpenter will assist you in assessing your property and inform you of any constraints you might have going forward with cladding.

By asking these three questions before you go ahead with installing your exterior cladding, you can ensure you will get the most out of your system.